Adam on the issues

The career politicians who run Texas are too extreme, wasting all their time demonizing immigrants and discriminating against our LGBTQ friends and family. Meanwhile, our public schools are running out of money, nothing is done to control flooding, our air and water keep getting dirtier, our criminal "justice" system unjustly runs over too many people, and quality healthcare is out of reach for all but the wealthy.

That's why Adam is running: It's time to kick out the politicians who have nothing better to do than divide people; we need citizen leaders who will focus on solving the problems that affect our whole community.

EDUCATION: Investing in Public Schools.

Adam graduated from all public schools from kindergarten through law school, and his grandfather was a high school math teacher. Supporting our public schools is Adam's #1 priority for the next Texas legislature.

In contrast, extremist incumbent Dwayne Bohac voted to slash $4 billion in state funds for public schools and even told a pastor that Spring Branch Elementary is a "failing" school that Bohac is too good to send his own children to.

Unlike Bohac's plan to defund and publicly demean our Cy-Fair, Spring Branch, and Katy public schools, Adam is fighting to:

1) Restore the state's share of public school funding to at least 50 percent and use Rainy Day funds to repair the still-devastating consequences of the funding "gap" created by the $4 billion school funding cut that school-privatizer Bohac supported.

2) Fix the recapture system to reflect 2019 realities and to stop penalizing districts, including Spring Branch ISD, that are superficially "property rich" but in reality have large populations of students from lower-income families.

3) Provide funds to local districts for full-day pre-K.

4) Stop the overuse of standardized testing so that more classroom time can be spent on lessons rather than test preparation and so that teachers and schools can be assessed on fairer, more reliable criteria.

5) Oppose "vouchers" and other schemes to privatize or defund our public schools. For example, Cy-Fair ISD receives $0 in state funding for facilities, but the state just gave $60 million in facilities funding to unproven start-ups. That's not fair, and our current representative is doing nothing about it.

6) Improve pay and benefits for public school teachers. Texas teacher salaries are more than $6,000 below the national average, and close to half of Texas teachers must take on side jobs to afford their bills. This has hurt students by creating a teacher shortage and forcing many of our best educators to take jobs in other states.

For more details on Adam's plan to support public schools, see his answers to Texas teachers' "Teach the Vote" survey.

FLOOD CONTROL: Keep the builders in check.

Texas politicians have known since the 1990s that Addicks Reservoir is at a high risk of failing and that Houston was vulnerable to an epic flood. Dwayne Bohac has been a politician since 1996, but in 22 years has never introduced a bill to help repair Addicks or to crack down on predatory construction companies that fatten their wallets by passing the costs of flooding to downstream homeowners.

In contrast, Adam will:

1) Refuse to accept even $0.01 from homebuilder executives or homebuilder PACs. And Adam will refuse to vote for (let alone sponsor) their special-interest legislation--like the bill Dwayne Bohac passed in 2017 to make it cheaper and easier to build 800 homes over the old Pine Crest Golf Course--in the middle of a flood plain!

2) Toughen rules for new construction to protect existing homes; increase fines on builders who break the law and use the funds for flood infrastructure.

3) Create and properly fund a 13-county regional Flood Control District to take over and be accountable for all storm water issues. Flood waters don't respect municipal lines, and this function is too important to be split among hundreds of local agencies that end up pointing fingers at each other every time a flood occurs. This is the solution developed by the citizen-led Residents Against Flooding group in Northwest Houston.

4) Climate change is real, and flooding will keep getting worse unless we address the root cause. Texas should increase standards to cut carbon emissions and opt in at the state level to the Paris Climate Accord, which leading energy companies support.

5) Restrict building inside of flood pools and require builders to disclose (in bold, front-page print) to potential buyers that homes are inside flood pools. If Dwayne Bohac had sponsored this simple fix at any time in his 20 years as a career politician, countless homeowners behind the Addicks Reservoir would have received truthful information that allowed them to accurately assess their flooding and insurance risks--instead of being kept in the dark until too late. 

STOP ALL THE HATE: Diversity makes us better.

Politicians like Trump and Dwayne Bohac deliver no results on issues that matter, so they make up scapegoats to demonize and harass. Adam will lead the fight to stop the Texas Legislature's disgraceful record of discrimination and prejudice.

1) No bans, no walls, no dividing families. Texas Senate Bill 4, passed in 2017, creates a "show me your papers" regime in which any Latino or Latina speaking with police can be harassed about immigration status. This hate-fueled law calls for jailing local police officers if they don't support Trump's deportation agenda--and even would jail police who decline to check immigration papers of women they question inside domestic violence shelters. Adam will fight to repeal this law and to stop Texas from spending even one penny to help Trump split families.

2) Criminal justice reform now. When a Black man is executed for selling loose cigarettes, but a rich white pimp serves zero jail time after admitting he runs a prostitution ring, no one can deny that our justice system is broken. Adam will fight for new laws to stamp out racial profiling, unjust arrests, pretextual traffic stops, and the prison-industrial complex. Criminal justice reform is not about ignoring real threats to public safety; it's about assuring that laws are balanced and fair to all communities. 

3) Love is love. End the constant political attacks on LGBTQ people and make Texas a national leader on equality. Adam will oppose the "Bathroom Bill" and fight to block all other attempts to stigmatize and harass LGBTQ people. And Adam will sponsor new laws to ban workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

JOB GROWTH: Living wages and quality healthcare.

The so-called "Texas Miracle" economy is a mirage for too many people. Blocks away from some of America's richest ZIP codes, families live in poverty and go without needed medical care. Simply trumping up the raw number of "new jobs" doesn't do much good when so many of those jobs have low pay, no benefits, and little future. To fix this, Adam will fight to:

1) Increase the minimum wage.

2) Expand paid sick leave and paid family leave.

3) Treat healthcare as a human right. Until needed reforms are passed at the federal level, Texas must expand Medicaid eligibility to cover more families, which would enable Texas to qualify for hundreds of millions in additional federal funds that our state lawmakers are pointlessly refusing to accept.